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Herring Bank has carefully designed its Cannabis Banking Program to meet the specific needs of the growing legal cannabis industry in Clovis, New Mexico. This program offers essential banking services that help cannabis businesses grow smoothly and operate without interruption. It includes 24/7 online banking, making it easy for businesses to handle their finances at any time and comply with legal requirements through straightforward online tax payments and transactions.

Recognizing the complex financial needs of both medical and recreational cannabis businesses in Clovis, Herring Bank has also set up a secure armored courier service. This service is focused on safely and efficiently moving funds, reducing the risks tied to handling large amounts of cash. Herring Bank is dedicated to providing a range of financial services specifically designed for the cannabis industry, ensuring that these businesses have reliable and secure banking solutions.

Key points:

  • Herring Bank offers custom digital and mobile banking services aimed at providing convenient and effective financial management for cannabis businesses in Clovis.
  • The bank helps cannabis entrepreneurs with tailored financial services such as custom loans and support for business growth, helping to stabilize and expand businesses in a market that can often be unpredictable.
  • Herring Bank’s efforts to reduce cash transactions and ensure secure financial operations also help with public safety and legal compliance, aligning with protective laws like the Safe Banking Act.
  • Additionally, Herring Bank makes payroll easier with various payment methods like ACH and wire transfers and offers loans specifically designed to help businesses grow, purchase equipment, or meet other critical financial needs.

Herring Bank’s Cannabis Banking Program shows the bank’s commitment to supporting the success of Clovis’s legal cannabis market, including the medical marijuana sector. With its innovative banking services, Herring Bank is an essential financial ally for cannabis businesses looking for reliable banking solutions in Clovis, New Mexico.

Financial Services for Clovis Cannabis Companies

Herring Bank tailors its financial services to the unique demands of the growing cannabis industry in Clovis, New Mexico. Recognizing the specific needs of cannabis businesses, including dispensaries and cultivators, Herring Bank provides specialized business savings and checking accounts designed for precise cash flow and transaction management. This dedication to specialized financial solutions extends into the digital realm, offering online and mobile banking services essential for businesses looking to manage their finances effortlessly, regardless of location or time. The financial toolkit available to Clovis’s cannabis businesses also includes debit cards, check services, and tiered money market accounts, ensuring comprehensive access to banking services on par with those in any other sector.

  • Checking and savings accounts

  • Online banking with 24/7 access

  • Payment Processing

  • Electronic tax payments

  • FDIC Insured accounts

  • Cash pick-up and delivery services

  • Investment options

  • Employee accounts

  • Direct deposit payroll

  • ACH payments

  • Wire Services

  • Cannabis Business Loans

Marijuana Banking in Clovis, NM

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