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Business Banking

We care about your business because we are part of your community

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Checking and savings

Manage your cash-flow and payments to your customers – all at a great fee!

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Merchant services

Managing your business is hard enough, accepting and managing your money doesn’t have to be.

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Payroll solutions

Payroll management should be quick and simple – even if some of your employees don’t have direct deposit.

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Herring Bank merchant services
Herring Bank payroll solutions
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Do you need more buying power?

Whether you’re buying a new car, improving your living situation, or consolidating debt, Herring Bank can give you the flexibility you need.

In your community

We love being part of the Clarendon community

You can go anywhere for your banking, but with us, you also get us! We care about your success because we depend on your success in our community.

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