Cannabis Banking

Financial Services for Your Cannabis Related Business

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Secure and Reliable Financial Solutions Tailored for Cannabis-Related Businesses – Enjoy predictable costs and seamless financial management with our flat rate cannabis banking services, designed to support the unique needs of your business.

Cannabis Banking

Tailored Banking Services for the Cannabis Industry

Navigating the banking landscape for cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) can be daunting. That’s why having a dependable financial partner is essential. With customized products, services, and financial tools, we support the unique needs of your business, enabling you to thrive in this rapidly expanding industry.

Cannabis Banking Online Banking for Cannabis Companies

Dedicated Online
and Mobile Banking

Experience the convenience and security of our dedicated online and mobile cannabis banking services. Manage your accounts, make transactions, and stay informed about your finances from anywhere, at any time.

Cannabis Banking Expert Marijuana Banking Compliance Team

Expert Cannabis
Compliance Team

Our expert cannabis banking compliance team ensures your business meets all regulatory requirements. They help navigate complex state and federal regulations and implement best practices for smooth operations.

Cannabis Banking Cannabis Merchant Services

Merchant Services
for Cannabis Companies

We offer tailored merchant services specifically designed for cannabis companies. Our solutions include secure payment processing, seamless transaction handling, and comprehensive support to help your business operate efficiently and compliantly.

Cannabis Banking Marijuana Banking Wire Transfer Services

ACH Direct Deposit
& Wire Transfer Services

We provide ACH direct deposit and wire transfer services tailored for cannabis businesses. These services ensure secure and efficient handling of your financial transactions, allowing you to manage payroll, tax payments, and other financial operations with ease and compliance.

Cannabis Banking Secure Cash Pickup for Cannabis Companies

Secure Cash
Transport Services

We can connect you with a trusted partner for armored cash pick-up, delivery, and transport. This ensures your assets are handled with the highest security, providing you with peace of mind.

Cannabis Banking Nationwide ATM Access

ATM Access

With branches in three states, we offer convenient access to over 30 Herring Bank ATMs. Additionally, you can withdraw cash from more than 55,000 Allpoint ATMs nationwide, ensuring you have seamless and secure access to your funds wherever you go.

The CRB application process

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