Your business credit card

Be flexible booking travel, purchases, and unexpected expenses

Your business credit card includes:

Credit Score Target N/A
Annual Fees 19.99
Introductory Rate 9.9% for first 3 months. 13.0% after 3 months
APR for purchases 9.9% for first 3 months. 13.0% after 3 months
APR for Cash Advance 18% (Fixed)
Cash Advance Fees $5.00 – 1.0% which ever is greater. Not to exceed $25
Balance Transfer Fees
Balance Transfer APR
Late Fee $25.00
Return Fee $25.00
Additional Card Fees
Minimum Finance Charges if you pay interest, the charge will be no less than $3
Over-Limit Fee $0.00
Rewards See Rewards Brochure
Benefits See disclosure
Foreign Transactions Fees
Other Features/benefits

You must apply in person for a business credit card.

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