How to Save Money on Moving Costs

Buying a home is the fun. Moving into the home, on the other hand, can really be a drag (sometimes quite literally). After paying a large down payment and closing costs, few people think about the added expenses of moving.

To help you save money on moving costs, follow these 5 simple moving hacks.

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

How many books do you have on your bookshelves that you have no intention of ever reading again? How many pieces of furniture have you inherited that you don’t particularly care for?

Think about the home you are moving into. Where will all your furniture go? What is the storage situation like compared to what you have now? What works in one home may not work in another. Sell as much as you can and gift the rest. Use any money you make to help pay for your move.

BONUS: If you donate furniture to certain charitable organizations, you can claim tax deductions off of those items. This will save you money come tax time! Just be sure to save your receipts.

Find Used Boxes

The cost of boxes can add up. No matter how many moving boxes you buy, you’re going to need more, and it’s wise to have a variety of sizes. Craigslist and Facebook are both great places to find free boxes. You can even consider calling grocery stores and convenience stores to see if they have any boxes they’re trying to get rid of. Do you know someone who has moved recently? Ask if they have any leftover boxes you can have!

Find free boxes wherever you can because you’ll probably still have to buy a few when you realize how much stuff you still have to pack.

Be Innovative When Protecting Your Fragile Items

Don’t pay for bubble wrap. Use the pages out of a phone book, old newspaper, or old towels, clothing and pillowcases to wrap up your fragile items. Pack items closely together so you’re your possessions will protect one another. PRO TIP: Don’t pack huge boxes so full that they become too heavy to move around as you go or stand a chance of breaking. Multiple trips moving smaller boxes pays off (and your back will thank you later).

In short, think outside the box while you’re putting your things inside one.

Ask for Help

Friends help friends move after they buy a home. It’s written in stone somewhere. Anyone who has ever helped a friend move has, at the back of his or head, thought, “OK, now I’ll have help one day, too.” It’s the circle of moving.

If money is a concern, asking friends and family to help you move should be one of the first things you do. Anyone who has a truck or trailer should be your go-to (but an extra set of hands or any model of vehicle can make all the difference). Treat them to a pizza or something when it’s all said and done!

Hire Movers the Smart Way

If and when you do hire a moving company, do your research. Just as you compared mortgage companies for your home loan, you should also compare moving companies. Be sure to check out reviews on the moving companies you pursue and ask for recommendations from friends instead of settling with the first moving company you find.

When it comes to comparing prices, ask the moving company for a fixed price quote. There are a lot of reputable companies out there, but there are just as many that aren’t. Hourly quotes just invite the movers to drag their feet once they start getting tired. If there’s no incentive to not work faster, they’re not going to.

While you’re talking with them, ask them if they have additional costs for stairs or certain items, such as appliances or pianos. You don’t want to choose the lowest company only to find out they cut their losses by adding additional fees.

Make Your Move Easier by Using These Moving Guides

Click here for a free 30-day Moving Prep Plan to help you stay on top of everything you’ve got to do. Find more tips and tricks for an easier move, here.

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