Closing Cost Calculator Closing costs calculator

Closing costs calculator

This mortgage cost calculator helps you estimate closing costs that may apply to your home purchase.

Original Loan – the total amount borrowed.

Years – the length of your loan.

Mortgage Rate – the interest rate of your loan

The following 12 fees are typically required to close a loan. You don’t have to add a value in order to compute an estimate, but they may be included as part of your home purchase.

Origination Fee
The fee associated with the origination of the mortgage loan.

Lender Fees
Any fees required by the lending institution.

Credit Report
Any fees from running your credit report.

Appraisal Fee
Flat service fee incurred when you have the value of your property assessed by a professional appraiser.

Title Insurance
Costs associated with an insurance policy protecting the buyer. This insurance protects the buyer if another party challenges the buyer’s legal ownership of the real estate property after the sale.

Reconveyance Fee
A flat fee paid at closing that covers the expense of removing the lien when the loan is paid off in full.

Recording Fee
Flat fee associated with entering the change of ownership into public land records.

Wire and Courier Fee
Any and all expenses associated with expediting or transfer of documents.

Endorsement Fee
Fees for any additional endorsements added to the title’s insurance policy. These additional endorsements would protect the buyer from future financial liabilities related to conditions that may have been unknown at the time of purchase, such as structural damage or code violations.

Title Closing Fee
Fee paid to the title company conducting the closing.

Title Document Preparation Fee
Additional charges covering the cost of preparing and underwriting the documents by the broker.

Any additional expenses such as property taxes, pest inspection, attorney fees, and home owner’s association transfer fees.

Closing Costs Calculator

Your Herring Bank Mortgage Loan Officer will help walk you through the fees associated with your home purchase.

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