5 Ways You Can Take Herring With You

Everything is online nowadays, so doesn’t it make sense that your banking would be too? At Herring Bank, it is! We’ve created a number of online and mobile features to help you manage your money wherever and whenever you need to.

1. Mobile banking app
Our app for iPhone and Android allows you to do virtually everything you can at the bank, on the go. You can find the nearest bank or ATM to you using the locations tab. The app allows access to online banking features like checking your balances, reviewing transaction history, accessing online bill pay, and transferring money instantly between accounts. You can even deposit checks via your phone, simply by taking a picture of the front and back of the check through the app. If you ever need extra help, you can also access our website or contact us on the app. It’s like having your bank in your pocket! To get the app, simply download it to your phone from the iTunes or Google Play store and log into your account.

2. Online banking alerts

Online banking alerts can be enabled to help you keep track of account activity while on the go. Alerts will let you know when deposits or transactions have been made, as well as giving you access to updated account balances, and account activity alerts. This feature will also let you know of any suspicious or unauthorized activity, so you don’t have to wait until you get a statement or bill to check and report transactions. Alerts eliminate the need to constantly check your account balance and transactions, giving you peace of mind and more freedom when on the move. To sign up for alerts, go to your online banking account and turn on alerts.

3. Online bill pay

Online bill pay allows you to pay bills online, using your bank accounts or a credit card, instead of writing checks. You can set up recurring payments, so you won’t even have to worry about remembering to pay monthly bills. Or, you can schedule single payments for anytime in advance. No more paperwork – online bill pay keeps records of your transactions, so you don’t have to. To pay bills online, log into your online banking account and go to the “payments” tab.

4. E-statements

Like bills, your paper bank statements require more time and organizing than they would if they were online. Now you can get e-statements sent directly to you online and stored on your internet banking account forever. E-statements make it easier to keep track of you statement history, and get your statements more quickly.

5. Online transfers

If you don’t have the mobile app, you can also transfer money via your online account on any computer or device. This feature allows you to transfer any amount, and schedule transfers and frequency of transfers. To access online transfers, go to the “transfer” tab on your online banking account.

Take advantage of these online features by setting up your online account today. If you need assistance setting up your online banking account, call us at (888) 238-4564.