Fraud Alert: Debit Card Spoofing Scam

Herring Bank customers are reporting a suspicious phone call

February 27, 2023

We received a call from a customer notifying us of a scam they fell victim to.

The customer reported that they were talked into buying $600 worth of Walmart gift cards. The phone number the scammer called on was the same phone number that is on the back of our Herring Bank debit cards. 866-348-3435.

The scammer used a tactic known as “spoofing” to make their phone call appear as though it was coming from the bank. Below is another example of a different scam that also involved a scammer spoofing our phone number.

Spoofing is a very common tactic for fraudsters because it’s easy to do and its very effective at tricking people into thinking they’re dealing with a legitimate phone call.

Unfortunately, we can’t prevent scammers from spoofing our phone numbers.

Please take special care and remember that…

  • Herring Bank will never request you to purchase gift cards.
  • Herring Bank will never request you to provide your entire card number for verification purposes.
  • Just because a phone call appears to come from the Herring Bank, it could be a fraudster “spoofing” our phone number.
  • If you suspect you may be dealing with a fraudulent call, you should immediately hand up and contact your local branch.