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If you are buying your first home or a seasoned veteran, my years of experience can be utilized for such a large financial investment.

Your story is unique with specific needs that define your financial situation. With over 25 year’s mortgage experience, I will share options with you and together help you determine the best solution for your financing needs.

With over 25 year’s mortgage experience, my career has taken me through mortgage originations and operations, wholesale and retail.

  • For several years I worked in relocation with Fortune 1000 companies assisting their employees finance their homes for a cross country move with extremely tight deadlines.
  • I have also held management positions in both, privately owned companies and large corporations.

With this varied background, it would be uncommon to have a financing situation that I would not be able to find a solution.

Without question I have always provided unparalleled customer service to insure your financing transaction is a rewarding experience.

That is a hallmark that has set me apart having facilitated over 1400 mortgage solutions in my career.

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