Key Benefits of Merchant Remote Deposit Capture

Remote deposit capture allows business owners to scan checks remotely, transmitting the image to the bank for fast and convenient deposits.

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Remote deposit capture is a current form of technology that allows account holders to scan checks remotely and transmit the image to the Bank for fast and convenient deposits. As merchant services become an industry standard, businesses owners should understand how they can benefit. Improved customer retention, increased flexibility in account management, heightened security, and efficient processing are just a few of the benefits. Learn in more detail about the unique business solutions that RDC can offer you, and consider a few of the following points.

Funds Availability

Remote deposit capture allows access to all funds usually within two to three business days – several days faster than traditional deposit methods. This allows for easier and more fluid fund management. Remote deposits mean fewer trips to the bank branch, and more time spent focused on the development of your business. RDC removes geography as a consideration, allowing users to deposit checks directly from their place of business.

Return Check Notification

Efficient return check notification lets you know when a check has not cleared faster than ever. Rather than discovering a bounced check many days after a payment, instant scanning allows for more expedient feedback on the status of a deposited check.

Electronic Archives

All deposited checks are scanned and archived electronically, meaning business owners can easily search their records for any and all data they need. Having direct access to your deposit records will allow you to avoid unnecessary calls to the bank for research requests. Putting all of your archives at your fingertips will allow for greater ease in managing and understanding your account.

Secured Method

The digital system allows for a variety of new and effective security measures that keep your business’s finances safe and secure at all times. RDC offers increased protection against fraud, duplicate checks, and other common threats. Considering the risks associated with mailing or delivering your deposits physically, remote deposit capture proves to be the safest method for managing deposits.

Virtual Endorsement

Safe and efficient, virtual endorsement lets businesses sign off on all of their deposits remotely. This feature is especially valuable for users handling a high volume of checks, saving time and materials that would be spent in traditional depositing systems.

Getting Started With RDC

Getting started is simple and straightforward, requiring only a few common tools that should be readily available to any business owner. Here is a simple checklist to get you on track:

• A reliable internet connection and personal computer to use with your issued check scanner

• An active business account that will give you a place to save your deposits

• Step-by-step user training from your representative that will teach you and your staff how to implement this technology into your business

Herring Bank proudly offers remote deposit capture to our business customers. If you have questions about implementing RDC or any of our other merchant services in your business, please call (888) 283-4564. A Herring Bank representative would be happy to help you!

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