Beware & Protect yourself from COVID-19 related scams.

We will not contact you and then ask for confidential information over the phone or through emails – such as your name, password, PIN or other account information.

You need to be aware, Herring Bank’s brand might be used in fraudulent alerts.

These fraudulent alerts may state that there is an issue with your bank account or that you need to take specific action to claim COVID support.

Fake email communications

We will never send an email that requests you to login to your account by clicking a link or requires you to provide personal or account information. If you do receive any emails like this, do not click on any links.

If you are concerned about your account’s status or activity, you can go to our homepage,, and login there.

Fake telephone communications

We will never call you first then ask you to verify your identity with information that could put your account at risk.

If we call you, then we have your information already. We will need to verify your identity by asking one or two customer identification questions. We will never ask for your full social security number.

Make sure you know who you are calling

If you call us, we must do our due diligence to protect your account and personal information. Meaning, you will need to provide requested information to verify who you say you are.

Before you call

If you receive any type of communication urging you to contact us for bank account activity, use the appropriate number found on our contact us page.

Be on guard

During times of crisis, scammers and fraudsters ramp up their activity. By default, expect to receive some form of bogus communication related to COVID-19 or the Stimulus relief package.

The more you’re on guard against being scammed, the less likely you’ll fall victim.

If in doubt

Even if you do receive legitimate communication from Herring Bank, it is okay to double check.

We recommend that you:

  • Don’t trust emails for contact information or trust any links inside bank related emails. Go directly to our website to conduct online actions.
  • Don’t trust telephone communications. Ask for a call back name and number. Hangup. Verify that number against our website, and call back manually.

We’re here to help!

If you believe you’ve been targeted, you can contact Herring Bank directly here:

If you believe you’ve been targeted for fraud that is unrelated to your Herring Bank account, here are some links to information that can help you take action:

Federal Trade Commission

Contact your local Police Department or Sheriff’s Office to file a criminal report.

Texas Attorney General (file a Consumer Complaint)