Staying safe with Wi-Fi

Staying safe with Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi? Be aware of these dangers!

For many people without unlimited data plans, or plans that slow internet speed after hitting data limits, public Wi-Fi hotspots are a great alternative.

Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi hotspots are not the perfect solution for the data hungry that they appear to be.

In fact, they can be downright dangerous.

Here are three ways in which public Wi-Fi hotspots can jeopardize your security and personal information.

The middle man

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are available almost anywhere you go. At restaurants, libraries, hotels, bookstores, and many other places, these hotspots are intended for customer use as a courtesy.

Unfortunately, because anyone can connect to these hotspots, hackers will often use them to gain access to your personal information.

One such scheme is the middle man.

In this dangerous scenario, a ahacker sets up this or her own network between you and the Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that all of the information available on your device becomes available to the hacker.

Regardless of whether you are using an encrypted site or not, all of your information is now in the hands of a malicious criminal. They can then use your information, including your banking information and any credit card information used during the Wi-Fi session.

Staying safe with Wi-Fi be aware of the public wifi middle man scheme

Malicious software

One of the most dangerous things that your device can be subjected to when using public Wi-Fi is malicious software.

Malicious software, or malware, can compromise your security in any number of ways.

Keylogging is a very common form of malware. A keylogging program records every key you press, which can allow hacking into your personal and financial accounts. Another form of malware allows total access and control of your infected device to the hacker.

The hacker can then access everything stored on your device. The hacker, compromising your security even more, can turn on your camera and microphone remotely.

Staying safe with Wi-Fi herring bank wifi tips for protecting against malware

Fake Wi-Fi hotspots

The easiest way for any hacker to gain access to devices is by creating a fake public Wi-Fi hotspot.

For example, a hacker will set up a hotspot with a name similar to a business that offers free Wi-Fi. Many users will connect to the fake hotspot where a hacker can then load malware or become a middle man, stealing precious personal information.

Staying safe with Wi-Fi herring bank tips to stay safe online against fake wifi hotspots