Investment Management

At Herring Bank Wealth Management clients have been entrusting us with the management of their investable assets for a very long time. We bring a sophisticated level of investment management oversight to our relationships and have unparalleled experience in devising customized, comprehensive solutions for families, organizations and corporations.

In executing the wealth management process, we work very closely with our clients to develop a personalized investment plan that will meet their goals and objectives through each stage of life. We meet with our clients on a regular basis to review their investments, discuss changes or life events that may have occurred and make any necessary adjustments to their plan and/or portfolio.

Our team also pays careful consideration to the tax implications of each investment decision to ensure optimal after-tax returns. As a result of this close, personal attention, our client portfolios have achieved solid long-term results.

At Herring Bank Wealth Management we succeed when our clients succeed.

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