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FDIC Consumer News
  • FDIC Consumer News Winter 2013/2014
    1. Be in Charge of Your Credit Cards: Tips for Choosing and Using Them
    2. 10 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information and Your Money
    3. Money and Banking Tips for the Tax Season
    4. Test Your Deposit Insurance IQ
    5. Prepare for Rising Payments on a Home Equity Line
  • FDIC Consumer News Fall 2013
    1. More About Mortgages
    2. Coming Soon: New Mortgage Rules Borrowers Should Know About
    3. Protect Yourself From Mortgage Scams
    4. Also Inside: Turned Down for a Checking or Savings Account?
    5. Using Financial Institutions' Social Networking Sites
  • FDIC Consumer News Summer 2013
    1. Financial Tips for Seniors
    2. 15 Quick Tips for Protecting Your Finances
    3. How Older Adults Can Steer Clear of Scam Artists
    4. Borrowing From Your Home in Retirement
    5. Tips for Seniors Wanting to Help Relatives
    6. Key Facts About Your FDIC Insurance
    7. For More Help or Information for Seniors and Families
    8. Don't Get Taken by Wire Transfer Scams
    9. New Protections for Consumers Sending Money Abroad
    10. The Comeback of the Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
    11. Health Savings Accounts: One Way Some Consumers Can Prepare for Medical Bills
    12. Struggling With a Student Loan? Ask Your Lender for Help
  • FDIC Consumer News Spring 2013
    1. Banking in a High-Tech World:
    2. Protecting Your Plastic from High-Tech Criminals
    3. What to Know If Criminals Disrupt a Bank's Internet Services
    4. Using Technology to Remain Financially Fit
    5. Solving Common Debt and Credit Problems:
    6. Contacted By a Debt Collector? Proceed with Caution
    7. Need Cash Fast? Ask Your Bank
    8. How to Improve Your Credit History and Pay Less for Loans
  • FDIC Consumer News Winter 2012
    1. Practical Solutions for Protecting Your Money: Plus Common Questions and Misconceptions
    2. Unlimited FDIC Insurance for Certain Transaction Accounts Comes to an End
    3. FDIC Insurance: Understanding the Different Account Categories
    4. Answers to Some Common Questions From Consumers
    5. Need to Stop a Payment? Know Who to Contact and How
    6. Avoiding Scams: Sticking to the Basics Can Go a Long Way
    7. Safe Mobile Banking: Our Latest Tips for Protecting Yourself
  • FDIC Consumer News Summer 2012
    1. Choosing the Right Account for Everyday Banking
    2. Debit, Credit, and Prepaid Cards: The Difference
    3. Changing Banks? Consider Your Options
    4. Tips for Finding and Managing a Mortgage
    5. Adding Others to Accounts: Understand the Risks

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